Friday, September 11, 2009

Summary of comments about this blog from 2009 332 students

Following is a list of summarised students' comments about this blog and relevant course materials made during the lecture on 25 August 2009.
  • Like to do polls;
  • Not enough information and sources for detailed discussions and debates;
  • More graphics and images, more debateable topics, no topics related to Australia;
  • Want to response to someone else comments, poll is a great idea;
  • Blog - good learning tool;
  • Helpful slides for how to make comments and links to a photo.


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  2. Being able to paste pics easily into your posts would be a huge improvement. Im pretty computer illiterate and would have no absolutely idea of HTML.
    I think the biggest improvement to the blog would be for the marking criteria to change next year where we werent given a set amount of posts to make to get the 10%. If the blog was marked on how we each discussed the topics with each other I'm sure there would be far more actual discussion rather than just posting what you can remember from each class.

  3. *meant to say have absolutely no idea of HTML

  4. Yuhui Tang (4597270)October 22, 2009 at 2:40 PM

    I found the blog is good learning tool for us to share understanding and knowledge of the course.

  5. I found the blog a useful resource to encourage discussion and debate online. However i think that it could be improved through posing a serious of questions to encourage debate, discussion and creative thinking to address issues and encourage participation. perhaps this will also encourage current affairs and hot issues to be discussed in depth rather than reflecting on what we learnt in class

  6. Maybe this could expand into a forum in the future where people can create topic and postings of their own and have people to discuss as well.

  7. I thought the use of this blog to be a useful resource, however perhaps not used to its full potential.
    If topics were posted that encouraged students to take a side in an argument and debate an issue, this may be a good use for the blog and may promote active discussion. However, to maintain this, a method for alerting students to replies to their comments should be developed. Otherwise there is a possibility students may forget to check the blog frequently enough to maintain a discussion or debate around a chosen topic.

  8. Haha,absolutely the blog is a great tool to let us post and communicate here. I have used the blog for a long time, but this was the first time I can use that as learing and studying. Usually, I just use that for my own writing as entertainment and sentiment. Er...Back to the topic, I just feel awesome because of that blog can keep us to continuing discuss the class topics after school and also we can read and understand more thought from other classmates comparing with ourselves. Anyway, it is very good.