Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chinese Planning

I thought that Kai's lecture on Chinese planning was thoroughly interesting and has sparked a bit of an interest in travelling through China to see what it's all about on the ground. The concept of the Danweis was particularly interesting... a sustainable form of development which NZ should perhaps be thinking of on a smaller scale. The Danweis related to my first assignment on gated communities which discussed the social segregation that gated communities cause in developing countries. I wonder if this would be the case in China? Something to ponder....

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  1. As a person from China, I personally think that Danwei did not fully segregate the community because people had chance to move from one Danwei to the other.

    For example, if a person graduated from a danwei of a university or school, that person could choose to keep working as a lecturer or teacher or whoever worked in the danwei of the university. But if that person wanted to work as a doctor, or technician, that person could move to a danwei of hospital or manufactory.

    Every danwei has or had its core or major centre, or major function if you like. It's a little bit like TOD, but no rail connection.

    On the other hand, the Danwei somehow discouraged people to work hard (personal opinion, I wish no one gets upset). This is because people were born in an environment where has no worry about job opportunities, health services, and food. That was the situation happened before 1980, or perhaps 1990 in China and some east European countries.